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Sunil Dutt was a famous film actor and politician. He was born on June 6, 1929, in Jhelum district of undivided Punjab. His education took place in Jai Hind College, Mumbai. He started his career as an announcer in Radio Ceylon. Radio Ceylon is the oldest radio station in South Asia. Dutt Sahab was very popular as an announcer. He had a lot of interest in acting. They soon became their identity in this field. His first film was the railway station, which was built in 1955. Made in 1957, Mother India was a very big hit film. This film made her Bollywood star. He worked in more than 50 films and produced and directed many films.

The 2003 film Munna Bhai MBBS was the last film for him as an actor. In this film, he played the role of father of his own son Sanjay Dutt. Padmashri was honored with several honors In 2005, he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the biggest award in Hindi cinema. Sunil Dutt was also an accomplished social worker. The Maharashtra government made him the Justice of Peace in 1975 and Sharif in 1981. In 1962, during the war with China, he donated a one lakh rupees to the National Security Fund.

The Ajanta Art Group was formed to entertain the soldiers. During the war, not only did the morale of the soldier’s increase but also helped them. Nitin Narayan Rao sponsors to cross the English Channel He was married to Nargis, who died due to cancer. Dutta Sahib established a Cancer Hospital Nargis Memorial Foundation.

Film production

Sunil Dutt kept the film in the field of filmmaking through the film ‘The way is love’ in the 1963 film. This film was not successful on the ticket window. After this movie, Sunil Dutt produced the film ‘Mein Jeene Do’. This film was based on the life of the bandits. This movie proved superhit. After this, he launched his brother Som Dutt as the lead actor in the film ‘Man ki Meet’. The film journey of Som Dutt was not very successful. In 1971, Sunil Dutt produced and directed his ambitious film ‘Reshma and Sherra’. He also played the role in this film. It was a period and a big budget movie that the audience refused. Despite being a producer and director, Sunil Dutt has not been far away from acting for a long time. Sunil Dutt’s films made in the seventies and eighties of the year were liked by his films ‘Pran Jaa on Vrang Na Jaay’ (1974), ‘Nagin’ (1976), ‘Jani Dushman’ (1979) and ‘Shaan’ (1980). . Sunil Dutt was also associated with religious Punjabi films at this time. Among them, ‘Man jit Jagan jiite’ (1973), ‘Khush Bhanjan Tera Naam’ (1974), ‘Sat Sri Akal’ (1977) is the chief.

In politics

After performing various roles in Sunil Dutt, he entered politics for social service and became a member of Lok Sabha with the help of Congress. In 1968, he was awarded the Padma Shri Award. Sunil Dutt was appointed the Sheriff of Mumbai in 1982. Apart from Hindi films, Sunil Dutt has shown his acting performance in many Punjabi films. These include ‘Man jit jaag jitay’ 1973, ‘Khush Bhanjan Tera Naam’, 1974 and ‘Sat Sri Akal’, 1977, which are super hit films.

Works of public welfare

Sunil Dutt and Nargis – both husband and wife jointly built a cultural institution named “Ajanta Arts Cultural Troupe” long ago. Through this institution, they continued to work from film production to nation and public welfare. After the death of his wife Nargis Dutt in 1981, Sunil Dutt established the “Nargis Dutt Memorial Cancer Foundation”. Not only this, he also started giving “Nargis Award” in his memory every year. Now, these two tasks see his daughters and son together.

Honors and awards

o 1964 – Filmfare Best Actor Award – Let Me Live

o 1966 – Filmfare Best Actor Award – Dedan

o 1967 – Bengal Film Journalists Association’s Best Actor Award – Milan

o 1968 – Padma Shri

o 1982 – Sheriff of Bombay

o 1995 – Lifetime Achievement Award for Filmfare

o 1997 – Lifetime Achievement Award of Star Screen

o 1998 – Rajiv Gandhian National Goodwill Respect [

o 2005 – Phalke Award of Dada Saheb Phalke Academy

o 2005 – India proud of IIF London

Interesting information

(1) Sunil Dutt started his career as an announcer on South Asia’s oldest radio station Ceylon. This gave them a lot of popularity.

(2) Subsequently, Sunil Dutt decided to act in the film industry and came to Mumbai to join the work.

(3) Their first movie was in the 1955 film “Railway Station”.

(4) It was a Bollywood star-making movie, “1957”, “Mother India”

(5) In 1964, his upcoming movie “Let Me Live” The film was so successful that it gave Sunil Dutt the Filmfare Best Actor Award.

(6) The movie “Khedan” which was released exactly two years after the film, again it was given the Filmfare Best Actor Award.

(7) In the 1957 film “Mother India” one day a fire broke out in the set. Nargis Dutt, surrounded by a fire, was surrounded by fire to save his life.

(8) This occurrence

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